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Yes, we have open play! InnerActive is open daily from 7:30am-9:00pm for open play. Walk-ins are encouraged.

All children ages 1-17 must have a valid entrance code for the day of the visit. Adults are Free! Children must be accompanied by an adult while at InnerActive.

InnerActive is an unsupervised park; unsupervised means we do not devote staff resources to accept payment at the door or to monitor children. It allows us to remain open from 7:30am-9:00pm every day of the year! We do staff cleaning/maintenance, so you may often see them onsite cleaning, stocking, and sanitizing.

Day Pass

A daily pass is the perfect option when you would like to drop in for a day of play. You can purchase your pass in advance or on the day you wish to play. Your entrance code will be good from 7:30am-9:00pm on your day of choice.

Pass required for ages 1-17, adults free.

A day pass is $9.75/child.

Monthly Pass

Monthly passes are available for those who plan to come to InnerActive a few times a month. 3 monthly visits will make your monthly membership pay for itself! Monthly memberships are recurring, and paid each month.

1 $23/mo
2 children $38/mo ($19 ea.)
3 children $54/mo ($18 ea.)
4 children $68/mo ($17 ea.)
5 or more children $80/mo ($16 ea.)

Annual Pass

Annual passes are for our guests who are dedicated to play. You will have unlimited play for 1 full year! Your annual membership is a one-time fee paid in full. This membership does not auto-renew.

1 $184/yr
2 children $320/yr ($160 ea.)
3 children $432/yr ($144 ea.)
4 children $544/yr ($136 ea.)
5 or more children $640/yr ($128 ea.)